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Monday, 16 April 2018

Faction: Orks (R40K)

One of the biggest barriers to entry in any game is the preparation.  I've created Unit Cards detailing Ork costs, energy, stats, equipment etc that can be printed double-sided A4, 9-to-a-page, meaning getting your games started quicker and less bookwork while you'repaying.

'Ere we go!  Space Marines and Orks, like pepper and salt or beer and chips.  Whatever.  Orks are a great faction if nothing more than because they're so mindlessly violent.  Nothing too fussy about an Ork I say.  We've got about two dozen Orks, many of which found their way to me through the generosity of friends - thank you friends! - and I'm unable to take credit for all the painting either.  Orks are a bit of a favourite amongst my little Berman Orkboyz, so they seem to get a disproportionate amount of table time.

In converting the W40K Orks to their Rogue Planet equivalents I've taken the approach of a baseline Skill of 2 for a standard Ork Boyz ranged fire (RAT) stat and 4 for their melee (CQ) and defence (DEF).  That means they're a terrible shot at the best of times but should be able to absorb a fair bit of punishment as they close in (and Orks always close in), and once they've made it into close combat range... well it ain't pretty.  That offsetting their enhanced toughness and melee effectiveness by their woeful ranged attack skill and poor ranged weapons mean that a horde-like warband is typically within budget for all but the smallest of games.

Ork Collection #1 (18 Cards - link)*

*PS if you think I've made a mistake on any cards, just let me know and I'll fix, regenerate and republish them again.  

The cards provide for Orkboyz are combinations of specifically kitted out individuals (such as Flash Gitz with heavier guns) or as a generic Group with a mixture of weaponry.  The idea is you can pick up a random Ork model (and there's a fair bit of variation around) and chances are there's a Unit Card at hand that will fit the bill.

Stormboyz are primarily Chainsword equipped Flyers.  They're high-cost but lots of fun - 'nuff said.  If you're using them When you're using them, don't forget to apply their +1 bonus when attacking ground-based units and they also benefit from a -1 penalty when ground-based units are targeting them.

Warbosses, Meganobs and Nobz make for good heroes/leaders.  My Warboss is a big ugly brute, Medium sized wielding a Bolter and a bloody, giant spiked club - both of which provide Armour Piercing so watch out Space Marines!  I've also got a Nob sporting a lovely power claw - he's not going to be as bad-ass as his big brother, but the power claw means he can throw/slam other units.

I've also got some Meganobz, pronounced "Mega-nobs", not "Megan-obz" or similarly slightly insulting but hilarious (to the minds of my children) play on their Mother's name.  Medium in size and armoured, they also sport Powered Armour, making them as tough as a Space Marine. While they've got some decent gear /weapons, their relatively poor shots and are best employed in the thick of the fray.  Mind you with Medium Armour, DEF of 6, 4 Energy and a Rogue Die thanks to their Power Armour... well they're going to be in the thick of that fray for a long time.

Finally, there's the Stomper who's a custom mod made by a mate, and ain't it a beauty?  It's sized Large, Heavy Armoured, sports a Machine Gun, Launcher and Lance - all the better for getting in amongst it and able to take on other Heavily Armoured units.


When making Unit Cards using RPG Cards, you need to reference the pictures/images from a website. I've kept my Ork Unit shots in this album, but here's a couple of pictures that weren't used on the Cards proper.

These boyz were painted early-2018

These boyz were painted mid-2017

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