Saturday, 7 April 2018

Easter Egg Packaging Terrain Challenge

Libuscha Beta's Eggocet Missiles provide the planet with its primary means of denying xeno raiders control of the airspace.  Given the planet's unusually atmospheric properties, laser-based planetary defence lasers are largely ineffective.  Whilst the Eggocets are more than capable of crippling even the most heavily shielded atmospheric and orbital craft, they are not a precision weapon.  As such, in the event of an attack, Eggocet Batteries are invariably priority targets.  The Libuschan PDF assign squads of personnel (aka "Bunnies")  to each Battery, however in the event of a raid, they are usually outnumbered and desperately rely on the rapid insertion of reinforcements.

An Ork Warband attempting to overrun an Eggocet Missile Battery

One of the many Facebook Groups of which I'm a member recently posted an Easter Egg Challenge:

All Easter Fools joking aside, how about a fun 30 day challenge to see what the community can do with the leftover plastic Easter eggs many of us will have today. Be creative! Terrain, vehicles, dropships, make it fun!

Well, Berman's aren't that partial to eating plastic, but when it comes to chocolate, well we certainly had our fair share this Easter.  Amongst all that brown coloured sure a huge amount of packaging and what you're seeing is one such package designed to hold 10 chocolate eggs.  I simply made a plaster cast and painted it up.  And do you know what?  It was only once I placed it down amongst my existing terrain did I really believe in it - it just goes to show that there's no such thing as a wasted eggsperiment.