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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nunawading 2020 (Terrain)

A portion of the Berman contribution to Nunawading 2020.
A few of the lads at my local-ish wargaming club were inspired by Blade Runner 2049 and decided to get our cyberpunk on, 28mm style, called "Nunawading 2020".  As all true wargamers know, the game is as much about the minis and rules as it is about the terrain. And, let's face it, what's better than DIY terrain?  It's amazing what you can make out of the flotsam and jetsam of everyday urban life, not to mention the amount of fun to be had pulling things apart, reassembling them and then slapping on some paint.
Sure there's a bit of science to it, but it's first and foremost a 'doing' hobby IMHO, one that lends itself to experimentation, the occasional mishap and one or two gems.  By way of an experiment, I tried placing the majority of the pieces onto a 2x2-foot table just to see how it all looks together. This was the result (a hi-res album of images are available here):

I intend to use the various pieces to introduce my mates to R40K and test out a cyber-themed mod of Rogue Planet within the next few weeks.  Also, in the meantime, I want to play and record another solo game - the last one was lots of fun - and it has been suggested I give The Department a try... who knows, I may do just that.

I've written up descriptions of a number of the items, including some details of their parts and various photos etc.  Here's the listing of the same, with various links to be added in due course (PS the various names aren't necessarily locked-down just yet, they're more like working titles):

By way of convention, we're tried to make the buildings etc sit on an A4 size footprint or variations of the same e.g., A3 (double an A4) or A5 (half an A4).  That way our various bits of terrain can more readily slot and sit together.

Many of the items I've constructed have used one or more of the basic 140x140x55mm 'box' shapes I built late last year (detailed here).  They've been wonderful: both stackable and interlocking and they have an interesting relief/face to boot.  The fact that they stand 55mm tall means that they can easily pass for a low-roof building when using 28mm miniatures.  If they're stacked together, they reach 90mm tall due to their interlocking design.  That design feature is something of a blessing as it adds to the models' rigidity and means that they can be used to create overhangs with little fuss.

That flyer in the top-right is a papercraft model I made  last year

The tops of each of the three buildings in this shot are removable - should
I want to I can swap them around, they simply lift off the boxes underneath.

The Sin Gin sign is growing on me :-)
It's placed on the Red Door Place in this particular shot.

This shot gives you some idea of the mixture of surfaces and textures I've
employed.  In the background is the Ap Breath Freon Whisky Bar, raised well
above street level using a few of my trusty boxes and a tin-can 'pipe' spacer.
Those spacers also match the dimensions of my boxes making it very easy
to mix and match the terrain items.

With a band of Warp Spiders watching from above, those Space Marines
have reason enough to be cautious.

The element that stands out in this shot is the orange sign - it really does
seem to glow like that and it's only a piece of acrylic.  Crazy!

In the foreground are three Space Marines, observing the engagement below
in the relative comfort of the Ape Breath Freon Whisky Bar.

Space Marines and Striking Scorpions engage 
Whilst the Striking Scoprion should be able to handle a single marine, there's
plenty more to take his place.

From the landing pad and flyer's vantage, it appears that the battle has
far from been decided.


  1. Looking good, Jason. Nice to see good terrain at the the club.

  2. Thanks Ian. And thanks to NWA for welcoming me into the club - it has be a great experience and the opportunity to make some new friends is always welcome. Maybe we can get you involved in a game or two sometime...