Saturday, 31 March 2018

Rooftop Skins (Terrain)

Using the boxes as bases, I've created a number of rooftop skins to sit on top and provide some character to the table.  Each rooftop is approximately 14x14cm and designed to slide on and off with ease, providing the means to mix-and-match as desired.  Low-effort + makes a huge difference = my type of hobby project!

Late April 2018 Update: not all the boxes are square, I've experimented with other shapes including double diamonds and rectangles.  Here is a skin I made to fit a 14x28cm configuration using layers of circuit boards glued onto an acrylic base:

8th April 2018 Update: I've also made a fifth Skin with Charlie - check it out here...

Landing Pad

Appartment 12R

Corner Apartment

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