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Faction: Lizardmen (R40K)

One of the biggest barriers to entry in any game is the preparation.  I've created Unit Cards detailing costs, energy, stats, equipment etc that can be printed double-sided, 9-to-a-page.  That means getting your games started quicker and less looking through books while you're playing.

Lizardmen in the grim dark future? Heresy!  Well, I think not.  The 40k-iverse provides a setting for almost anything, including primitives (or are they?) encountering hi-tech civilisation.  I acquired a lovely Lizardman army from a mate - so many hours of effort must have gone into the painting - and, like Eldar, they're one of my favourite Games Workshop inventions.  Just having them, regardless of whether I play with them or not, makes me happy.

It occurred to me as I was pulling this post togeteher thtat Lizardmen and Orks aren't dissimilar: they're both melee-focused, tough and have two dominent species (Saurus & Skinks and Orcs & Gretchin).  That being said, maybe Lizardmen are even more melee-centric than Orcs and the Slann's inclusion certainly suggests they've access to the mystical arts.

In converting the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Lizardmen into W40K then their Rogue Planet equivalents, I've taken the following baselining approach:

  • Skinks are typically feeble things, with a baseline of 2 CQ, 2 RAT and a DEF of 3.  So Imperial Guard would typically out-class them; and
  • Saurus are another matter altogether: baseline CQ and DEF of 4 makes them dangerously tough, but they're not ones for ranged weaponry so their RAT remains at 2.

Keeping their Stats low-ish means more Credits can be spent on equipment.  And when I say equipment I basically mean Melee weapons - the models speak for themselves, bristling with spears, spiked clubs etc. It's also worth mentioning that these unit stats work both in a sci-fi and fantasy setting.  Want to pick up your Lizardmen and throw them into a fantasy-based bash using Rogue Planet's rules?  Well, despite my intent to employ them in a W40K setting, their Rogue Planet profiles are setting agnostic and should serve you well.

PS It's worth mentioning there's a huge amount of Lizardman models that make for great Rogue Planet Pawns - miniatures that are used as visual reminders of special abilities and traits.  Maybe I'll make some Lizardman Pawn Chips Cards at some point - so much I could do, so much I should do and so little time!

Lizardman Collection #1 Saurus (9 Cards - link)

Saurus can be fielded as a Group or individuals.  Forgoing ranged weaponry, their brutal combination of great spears, clubs, swords and axes should give all opponents pause.  Shields are a common feature, making them even more able to weather a storm of ranged fire as they march into the thick of battle.  Saurus Temple Guard use giant axes (Axe + Long Strike + Great) and their thicker hides and armour plating (standard Saurus Light Armour is increased to Medium) makes them ideal shock troops.

Lizardman Collection #2 Skinks (Work In Progress) 

Skinks form the backbone of a Lizardman force.  Rarely are they encountered as a single unit, rather they then to operate in Groups.  Making use of shields, swords, blowguns and spears, they bring a lot of versatility into a fight but aren't going to compare to the more fearsome Saurus.

Lizardman Collection #3 Elites (Work In Progress)

Some Saurus are employed as mounted cavalry termed Cold One Riders.  With Lances and the Mobility trait, combined with their size (Medium) means they're to smash into and through their enemy's front-line and really force their opponent to carefully consider their approach to Initiative and Counter Actions.  The Lizardmen also employ flying Ripperdactyls, which aren't as tough as their land-bound brethren, but being able to charge with a Lance should give everyone pause.

Slann Priests provide a great opportunity to have a casting specialist in a force.  Yes, I've made them physically vulnerable, but when they're employed, they're going to cause hell for a non-casting opponent.

The mighty Croxigor with Heavy Armour, Medium in size with a huge base CQ of 6 nothing really comes close to them, well with at least one exception.  Old Bloods make for great hero units.  With Heavy armour, Powered Armour combined with high (rating 5) for both CQ and DEF, they're going to cause havoc.  I've kitted them out without Power weapons, but you might like to consider some signature weapons should they be filling a leader's role.

I've got a beautiful Carnosaur model and while it's a bit crazy big for most of the skirmishing I play but I stat'ed it up all the same.  Size and Armour both Heavy, 6 DEF and 7 (!!) CQ... not much more is needed beyond a Lance.

Finally, what can give a Carnosaur a run for its money?  How about a Stegadon?  With a team of skinks on the howdah, the Stegadon can provide some fire support and is pretty handy in the front-line.  The point cost isn't insane either, less than an Assault Space Marine!


Why are the pictures included below?  When making Unit Cards using RPG Cards, you need to reference the pictures/images from a website - my miniatures, my website 😀

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