Saturday, 17 February 2018

Faction: Imperial Guard (R40K)

One of the biggest barriers to entry in any game is the preparation.  I've created Unit Cards detailing costs, energy, stats, equipment etc that can be printed double-sided, 9-to-a-page.  That means getting your games starting quicker and less looking through books while you're playing.

One of the first factions I acquired during 2017 was some Imperial Guard.  I can honestly say that the Guard is the most used force in the house, with barely a weekend goes by without my boy Charlie playing a game of soldiers.  Poor Guard, they're looking a bit worse for wear which, when you think about it, is consistent with the setting.

In converting the W40K Imperial Guard to their Rogue Planet equivalents I've taken the approach of a baseline Skill of 3 for a standard guardsman's stat-line.  That stat-line has been the baseline for the conversion of all other forces e.g., Orks are tougher and better at close combat, therefore their DEF and CQ are 4, whilst their ranged shooting is worse, so their RAT is 2.  I'm sure I'll continue to tinker around the edges for years to come...

Imperial Guard Deck One: Captain, Commissar, Assault, Tactical and Support Guardsmen (9 Cards - link)

There's little difference stats-wise between the Captain and Commissar - the Captain's got an extra point in DEF - but as they'll usually be Leaders or Heroes, they'll benefit from the various special rules (e.g., Combat Stunts) and may even access Pawns, all of which add to their individuality.

The point differential between Tactical and Assault troops is significant.  Chainswords in Rogue Planet are not only kick-arse but with them also being Power weapons, they buff the Unit's baseline close-combat skill (CQ) and generate an additional Energy Pool point.

I lift the base ranged attack skill of Support troops by one point.  That translates into better chances of hitting and damaging opponents - my thinking is if you're going to give someone an expensive weapon, you'd either provide them with some better training or more sophisticated targetting equipment.

You'll notice that all the Guard have only Light Armour.  Yes, that makes them quite fragile, but I've found that while the majority of units I field in a game of Rogue Planet are lightly armoured, I tend to play a bit with their DEF ratings e.g., Orks are Light + DEF 4 and Guard Light + DEF 3 - that all plays havoc with odds and stats, something which I did calculate but bottom line is that better Armour and higher DEF = increased survivability.


Why are the pictures included below?  When making Unit Cards using RPG Cards, you need to reference the pictures/images from a website - my miniatures, my website 😀

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