Sunday, 28 January 2018

Dino Dash (Quick Game)

It's just about the last day of the school holidays and with the day heating right up - 38 degrees and the overnight forecast was simply"oppressive" by the weather bureau - it made sense that we made time for a game.

Whilst wife and daughter were out, I gave the boys a box of junglish terrain and told them to make a dinosaur world and populate it with, well dinosaurs.

The objective was to cross from one side of the table to the other, check  into the bunker, then come out and help your brother's claim some dino-trophies.

The rules were simple: the hunters rolled a die to determine their order, then they could perform 4 consecutive actions: move (6 inches), shoot or open the door.  We didn't really bother with cover, but big things blocked line-of-sight.

Each Hunter Team was made of four models that had to stay near one another.  When shooting, they rolled 1d6 per unit @ 6 inches, and lost a die for each additional 6 inches.  Targets (dinos, who also started with 4 lives) defended with 4d6 initially (giant spiders 2d6, 2 lives) and successes were 4,5 or 6.  If the attacker achieved more successes than the defender then the attacker lost a life/unit.

The dinos weren't too smart and hand to be in line-of-sight to do anything.  If they could see Hunters, they had to roll equal to or less than the number of Units to smell/see them.  If they succeeded, they rolled 1d6 which was how many Actions they had.  No ranged attacks, only claws and teeth meant they charged towards the hunters quick smart.

How did it play?  Quick and with lots of shouting + laughing = a good fun game.  Who won?  Well Charlie got two early dino-hides but Alex managed to get to the bunker first and tried to help Paddy fend off a whole herd of dinos.  Paddy got into a fight with some big buggers, lost some guys but had a great time all the same.

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