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Monday, 4 December 2017

Terrifying (Rogue Planet Pawn)

Rogue Planet has a novel way of both applying and reflecting 'special powers' in the game, and that's through the use of Pawns or "Prawns" if you happen to be a Berman child.  Not only are Pawns limited to a force's Leader, they are also represented as miniatures on the table.  For example, the Fire Support Pawn gives the leader a buff when shooting - to reflect the same in the game, you might include an additional miniature of a guy, girl, robot, alien or whatever sporting a gun.  It's a clever mechanism that adds to the spectacle on the table and can easily be incorporated into the narrative during a typically characterful Rogue Planet game.

W40K factions and characters have various defining traits that IMHO make the game's meta so alluring.  For example, Deamons are terrifying, Tyranids share a group consciousness, Space Marines "Know no fear" etc.  What I've attempted to do is reflect one such trait as Pawns that can be incorporated into Rogue Planet to provide some W40K-ish flavour.

Terror (Pawn)

Some figures are considered 'Terrifying'. Unless there is an ally unit closer to the terrifying unit, all actions directed towards a terrifying enemy incorporate a Rogue Die related skill check.  Some examples of this concept:

  • Engaging or Charging a Terrifying figure would require a Skill Check + Rogue Die.
  • Counteracting a Terrifying figure using Intercept or Counter Charge would include an additional Rogue Die to counteract the counteraction's Rogue Die (trust me, use an additional differently coloured die).

A figure that wishes to move closer to terrifying enemy (i.e. become the closest ally to the terrifying unit) must first pass a skill check with a Rogue Die included.  If the skill check fails, in addition to the usual failure-related penalty, the terrified Unit remains stationary, paralysed with fear.

Finally, being the closest ally to a terrifying enemy is, well, terrible.  The closest enemy unit to a terrifying opponent need also include a Rogue Die for any Action or Counter directed towards the terrifying unit.

One thing that I've mucked around with some is extending the Leader's pawn(s) to the force as a whole.  For example, a Deamon leader might have the Terror Pawn but then making all Deamon's in the force benefit from the same.  I can't say I've got it quite right just yet, but what I've experiemented with is strategically placing the Pawn.  Basically the Pawn either stays with the Leader else it can be moved by the Leader like any normal Move Action.  Whilst ever the Pawn is in LoS of an ally, the ally benefits from the Pawn but the Pawn also need stay within LoS of the Leader (only worrying about hard cover here, not friends or foes.  If the Leader moves out of LoS, the Pawn is automatically placed within FX Range of the Leader.

Interestingly the above promotes unit coherency - not something that's often considered when playing Rogue Planet, but without it, something the game's story suffers.  Hey, it's worth a try (maybe a 2nd Edition Rogue Planet inclusion some day?).

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