Friday, 8 December 2017

Empire of the Dead (Gaming)

Last night at Nunawading Wargames Association I played a 4-way game of Empire of the Dead.  Great fun!  Nice and simple rules, a good scenario and an awesome collection of scenery and miniatures to top it off.  The time flew with the faction of Gentlemen just coming out trumps largely thanks to copious discombobulation (if you played the game you'd understand the reference).  With werewolves, cultist and a rather dapper team of hunters, there was plenty of diversity and entertainment to be had.

Will I play it again?  Sure, it was fun!  Can't see myself packing in the sci-fi for 28mm Victorian Steam Punk, but having vegetable carts (complete with carrots, cabbage, potatoes but alas no turnips) was inspired... actually there was some serious discussion as to how one could incorporate vegetable factions in other settings.  Mmm...

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