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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Storage Tanks (Terrain)

Whilst I've been working on rolling out a huge number of modular buildings, I've also been collecting tin cans.  Why?  I saw the following image on FaceBook recently and thought "Hell, I reckon I could do something like that!"

Well I'm a long way from that wonder (which is apparently some 30 pieces in total) but I have started experimenting all the same.

So here's the tank: it was built with a tin can and six bits of plastic I nicked from a skip bin.  I spray  painted/primed it matt black then painted it using some basic poster paints.  To add a bit of interest, I stuck on half a dozen notices etc that I had in my papercraft bits box.  Finally I stuck it onto a clear perspex base, primarily so I could see whatever terrain on which it's placed.  All said, I'm pretty happy with the cost:benefit outcome - I quite like it.  I can see some variations on the theme coming up in due course...

So the nice thing about this particular setup is it slots perfectly into the 5.5" square 'buildings' I've been making to date - check it out:
"Barry, just farking check it out!  How bad could it be mate??"

Upon securing their objective, the Chaos Space Marines weren't going to let anyone crash their party.
That Sapporo Door is another experiment: it's bits of plastic primed and painted but made with a kind of hook on the back so it slots into the 'windows' of the building - that way I can add or remove them at will... and now I've got to turn my mind to making some better looking doors!

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