Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween Plant life (Terrain)

Recently I visited Dakka Dakka which had a great article from yesteryear detailing a Cheap and easy way to build a Tyranid mycetic spore.  So, during the course of the weekend, Alex and I were left to our own devices for much of Sunday and we spent some time doing stuff in the shed.  "Stuff" = spray paint, melting, cutting and other fun things.  Later that day Charlie gave me a hand with the painting and the resulting labour of love was a delight.  Something tells me we might be making a few more of these little beauties and our Banksia might have a run for their money... I'll have to work out some stats for this thing and use it in a game pronto!
"Okay Disco Steve, don't do anything rash now - we don't want to excite the plant..."
There's a few more shots in this album.  BTW here's the inspiration for our plant.  Awesome.

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