Sunday, 1 October 2017

Echidna (Libuscha + Rogue Planet Fluff)

A mob of Orks fighting off a parade of Echidna
Whilst many of the Libuscha Banksia Plains inhabitants slow moving, there are some notable exceptions.

The Echidna was a horrific ancient Terran predator that was apparently capable of consuming thousands of prey in a single sitting.  The combination of a long, sticky tongue, strong claws and covered in jet black spines, apparently posed a threat to even vehicles of the age.

Fortunately, the adult Libuchan Echidna is only 2-3 meters in diameter and is typically sated with one or two kills a day.  These Libuchan animals are less skilled at stalking than Banksia and instead rely on their speed and stamina to harass and run down their prey, often targeting lone or sickly Banksia.

Whilst solitary animals are the norm, occasionally a 'parade' of 4 or 5 Echidnae will band together for a period.   Whether alone or in a parade, the Echidna will shuffle along the plains in much the same manner as a snake, by undulating the hundreds of razor-like spines that cover its entire body.  Each of these spines are quite capable of slicing through plasteel - Echidnae have even been recorded shredding their way through the walls of military-grade facilities.

Echidna aren't free from predators themselves.  A mature Sky Urchin is quite capable of carrying off all but the largest Echidna and it isn't unknown for Echidna to find themselves trapped within a grove of Banksia, especially as the result of an encounter with a Cauldron.

Use in the Game (Rogue Planet)

Echidna may be employed as Treacherous Terrain.   Should the Echidna move off the map consider it permanently removed from play.

Upon activation Echidna will travel FX Range in a direction designated by the active player - make an FX test to determine how far the Echidna will travel to perform a Move, Charge, Counter Charge and Intercept.  Charging, Counter-Charges, Interceptions and Engagement may only target the nearest Unit (friend or foe) - this may necessitate expending two Action Points to move an Echidna away from friendly Units before moving them into Engage with an enemy.

Any Units that come in contact with the Echidna are considered Engaged for Melee purposes and the Echidna may not be Disengaged by the use of further Action Points.  Once Engaged, an Echidna can be further Activated as per Treacherous Terrain to perform a Melee Attack.

Echidna's Unit Profile: CQ5 RAT0 DEF4 ARM Medium Size Small, +2 Charge

Upon scoring a kill, the Echidna will drag itself and its prey down into the sand, removing them both from any further play.

Note, Echidna are subject to the effects of terrain such as difficult terrain, obstacles and the likes of minefields and Cauldrons.


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