Friday, 29 September 2017

New Recruits (Hobby Time)

Earlier this year I was delighted to make an exchange with one of the gentlemen of Nunawading Wargames Association which saw me adopt around 20 Orks.  Half of them were tabletop ready with 9 others requiring a fresh lick of paint.  Now that I'm finding my stride painting-wise, I thought I'd try my hand with these lads.  Well I'm glad I did: Orks are evidently quite forgiving when it comes to painting and the boys (my sons that is) are keen to give these new recruits a workout.

How I approached the painting: undercoated using a gray spray paint.  I then used green and brown washes for the skin and clothes.  Various metallics were applied to weapons, helmets, buckles and the like and spots of base colours like reds and blues.  I put some more spots of wash around some details and then finished of with the lightest of light green dry brushing on the Ork's skin only - my previous dry brushing was a bit overboard so I restrained myself.  The basing was just kitty litter and some basic washes and then I sealed the lot with a matt varnish.

The whole job took about a week of evenings (which seems like a lot in retrospec) but no complaints, it was good fun.

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