Monday, 4 September 2017

Building Terrain is fun

Got to love papercraft.  Buy it.  Print it.  Cut it. Glue it.  Done.  Or not and start again without too much $$$ down the drain.  But when it works... oooohhh.  Nice.

We've been playing a few games in which we've been using our latest non-paper terrain items (Banksia) and I was wanting to incorporate the hatch/gate to some underground bunker into the same.  That got me poking around here and there, well one thing led to another and within a short space of time, we've now got the beginnings of a whole new spaceport-type affair. Feast your eyes on this:

The floor of the spaceport is from Wargame Vault's Spaceport Title Paper Terrain by Dave Graffham Models if you feel like giving it a go yourself.  Right now we're working out what to make next - a wee bit of planning before the printing starts in earnest.

Update: over the course of a few evenings I've prepared about 48 x 24 inches worth of our spaceport - learning a few things about gluing in the process.  I've got the Kitty Hawk (also a Paper Model) in the following shot for scale.

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