Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Natives are Restless (Scenario)

Design Notes: another of our Lizardmen attack scenarios.  If you haven't already, check out Cold Light of Day first... it will give you something of the setting's flavour.


"Good news: HQ inform us that those Lizard chaps can't stand a particular local wood louse or some such rot.  And wouldn't you know it, there happens to be a colony or two just outside of this very facility - what luck!"
"So who fancies stretching their legs and collecting some samples for the brass?  With the louse and Drop Bears, I wouldn't expect any of the local Lizards to be around.   
A simple stroll down the way and you'll be back in time for a cup of the Emperor's finest. Lovely!  
"Jenkins - you and four of  your lads can hop to it - I'll put the kettle on shall I?"  

Assemble Forces

Human Recon Team

  • Jenkins (Skill d8, Armour 4+, Resolution d10, Command 1) with either (i) Assault Rifle and Combat Knife, (ii) Shotgun and Combat Knife else (iii) Chainsword and Pistol.
  • 4 x Troopers (d6, 4+, d8) with either (i) Assault Rifle and Combat Knife or (ii) Shotgun and Combat Knife.

Lizardmen Patrol

  • 1 x Kroxigor (d10, 6+, d10, Cold-blooded) with melee weapon (CC, d12)
  • 4 x Saurus Warriors (d6, 5+, d8, Cold-blooded) with melee weapons


The encounter takes place in a dense jungle.  The two anomalies are located on the middle and western third of the battlefield.

Various parts of the jungle are so dense that they block line of sight for purposes of resolving fire and detecting the Recon Patrol (see special rules below).  Such jungle is also impassable for Humans; however Lizardmen can treat such areas as difficult i.e. halving their movement rates.

Cover saves apply to all ranged attacks including point blank and firing beyond Long Range is impossible.

Deployment and Tactical Advantage

The Humans deploy at Echo Base located on the eastern side of the map.

The Lizardmen deploy along the Western edge.

No Reserves are allowed, however reinforcements are employed - see Special Rules below.

Tactical Advantage is determined using a roll-off: the Humans use a d8 and Lizardmen d6 (due to the Lizardmen's Cold-blooded de-buff/Trait).

Objectives and Game Length

The game is played until either a Player has secured a Major Victory or Game End has been declared see TGTMG pg56, 'Roll for Game End' i.e. at the end of Turn 5+.

A Player is deemed as having secured a Major Victory if they Negate the Enemy i.e. at the end of the turn, all enemy are rendered ineffectual i.e. those forces/units on the table are either destroyed, retreating/routing and/or reeling.

The Humans will have secured a Major Victory if they (1) collect samples from the two anomalies and (2) return a least one Trooper back to the Echo Base (ending their Movement touching the Base) - note it need not be the Unit that actually collected the sample that returns to Base.

Special Rules

The Hunt

The Lizardmen are certainly aware of the Human's presence; however aren't actively monitoring their movements - the density of the jungle all but prevents the same.

Lizardmen are only able to Run/Charge prior to the second sample being collected, Lizardmen are only able to Run if they (individually) can establish a Line of Sight to that specific Human i.e. Lizardmen cannot Run towards the Jungle Base or the Anomalies hoping to intercept the Humans.

Jungle Surprises

Even for Lizardmen, the jungle isn't the safest of places.  Upon (1) completing a movement that ends in base contact with a dense piece of dense jungle or (2) whilst passing through a dense piece of jungle (see Terrain above, Lizardmen can pass through such Terrain), roll a d6.  A roll of 5 or 6 means that one of the Jungle's inhabitants has taken an unhealthy interest in the Unit (Lizardman or Human - either way they're yummy!).  Roll a further d6 to work out exactly what's happened:
  • 1-2 Carnivorous Plant - CC d6 attack, d10 strength, Armour 2+
  • 3-4 Strangler Vines - CC d6 attack, if successful slows the Unit for d4 Activations
  • 5-6 Drop Bear Lair - a local has been roused from their lair and isn't happy... or maybe happy for an opportunity to snack!
Once a Jungle Surprise has been revealed, that same piece of Terrain can generate new surprises subsequent to all Units breaking contact.

Collecting Samples

To collect a Sample, a Human player need (1) be in physical contact with an anomaly, (2) expend an Action and (3) pass a skill test, rolling a 4, 5 or 6 on a d6.  Should the test be failed, each subsequent test by a Unit (not necessarily the same Unit) on that same anomaly has a +1 modifier to success i.e. a third attempt will be successful on a 2-6.

The Drop Bear (or similar)

Treat the local as d10, 5+, d12 with CC/ROF1/d12 weaponry - yeah, this Bear is big.  The Drop Bear rolls for Tactical Edge and at the commencement of the Drop Bear's Activation, simply roll 2d6 and consult the following table:
  • 2-3 Arrooouuuuu!! The Drop Bear has called it's mate(s) and a second Bear is activated from the nearest piece of dense jungle.
  • 4-5 The Drop Bear Charges the third nearest Unit
  • 6-7 The Drop Bear Charges the nearest Unit
  • 8-10 The Drop Bear Charges the second nearest Unit
  • 11-12  Snort, Mmmm... The Drop Bear has lost interest in the intruders and decided to hunt down some Juju Berries - remove the Bear from the Table.

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