Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lizardmen (Units)


  • Skink Chief (d8, 3+, d10, Command 2, Agile, Cold Blooded) 
  • Skink Brave (d8, 3+, d8, Command 1, Agile, Cold Blooded) 
  • Skink Warriors (d6, 3+, d8, Agile, Cold Blooded)
Skinks are equipped for both close combat with spears, axes etc (CC, d6) and with blowguns, bows etc for ranged combat (ROF1/d6/Long).

Saurus Warriors

  • Scar-Veteran (d8, 5+, d10, Cold Blooded)
  • Saurus Hero (d8, 5+, d8)
  • Saurus Warriors (d6, 5+, d8, Cold Blooded)
Saurus are only armed for closed combat weapons, primarily battle axes and spears (CC, d8).

Cold One Cavalry

  • Cold One Cavalry Champion (d8, 6+, d10, Command 2, Cold Blooded, Away!)
  • Cold One Hero (d8, 6+, d10, Command 1, Cold Blooded, Away!)
  • Cold One Cavalry (d6, 6+, d10, Cold Blooded, Away!)
Cold One Cavalry employ both hand weapons such as lances, spears and swords  and the animal itself with claws, bites and its tail (CC, ROF2, d8)


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