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Sunday, 2 April 2017

The land down South

During the last couple of months I've been introducing the older kids to 28mm skirmish-level war games (I'd given them a taste of war gaming using my old Full Thrust fleets during 2016).  Our system of choice being Terminator Genisys The Miniatures Game which I've found is both easy to play and holds a lot of suspense and tactical play.  Can't and won't complain there one little bit!

It would be lovely to have some polished miniatures all ready to go; however I was never an accomplished painter AND paint is so darned expensive these days... not to mention the miniatures and the time involved.  What we wanted to do is Play - painting can wait till everyone is a little older and wiser.

So we turned to Lego.  My kids already had a heap of Lego minifigs and are accomplished builders.  We ransacked their collection and managed to find enough odds-and-ends to pull together a decent selection of soldiers, and what wasn't readily available we built.  That included the terrain - all Lego.

But Lego is so... Lego.  Even Alex, my 6 year old wanted something more.

One evening, whilst surfing the interweb, I was reading about Infinity.  "Now this looks complex," says I. "Something to try out in a few years maybe...".  As it happened, the particular site I was on was describing how to get your Infinity game looking the part, using paper.  There was a link to toposolitario and all the paper-based terrain and models Marcos has designed and shared.  My daughter Harriet was looking over my shoulder and said "That looks like fun Dad - could we try it?"

Well yes we could.

Fast-forward a month or so, and we've now got a enough terrain such that we don't really need Lego to fill out our games.  Charlie, my youngest, is very excited because that means we're not "stealing his Lego" any more.  And you know what?  I'm really enjoying it as well.  The crafting appeals to my creative side, I've always enjoyed 'gaming and it is great to find something that I can share with my kids - be it playing games, making up and trialing rules or just printing something off the old HP Envy 4504, pulling out the scissors and glue and giving it a shot.

Marcos asked that I share with him some pictures of whatever we manage to put together, so here it is.  There's plenty of Marcos' models along with odds-and-ends from others... if you'd like to know where they've come from, drop me a line.

Thank you Marcos, you're generosity has made a small-but-big difference to my family.  Whilst you may not see much skill in the builds, hopefully you'll feel the love.

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