Saturday, 29 April 2017

State of the Nation - Skirmish Forces

After a successful visit to the almost local war-gaming club,  I picked up two painted armies to add some further colour and variety to our collection.  PS if you ever need some commission work done, you could do a lot worse than looking at the bloke who did these marvels... do let me know if you want me to put you in touch, who know what might happen...

I've always like the Warhammer Lizardman so an army is especially welcome - if not strictly fitting into our current game setting. It looks great.  No, it looks #%#% fantastic.  I can never remember the official names of the various units (I'll learn) but we've got little 'uns, bigger 'uns, biggest 'uns, riders, flyers, a big fat toady dude (Slann?) and two huge warbeast thingys.  Over 100 units all up - sweet!  The looks on the kid's faces was priceless as they were working their way through the box.  "Oh my Gward", "Dan!  Look at this!!", "This guy's got an AXE!!!".  Some great memories right there :-)

I've got something of a soft-spot for 40K, maybe the setting's a touch too grimdark for my liking, however a painted army of Imperial Infantry complete with heavy weapon teams in support does the trick.  The scale relative to the other models we've got is a bit on the chunky/heroic side, but I'm not complaining - they'll provide a great mass of regular, support and heavy troops for our games - we've now got something like 80 troops!

Once the above has been complimented with some painted TGTMG resistance soldiers and endos (maybe 60 model's are waiting for paint day) and some other odds and ends (like the one Dust power suit dude and a squad of Warzone troopers - see below) ,  we'll have a great range of models for all manner of games.

So that means a few less Lego games? Yes, I think so.   More importantly I hope the kids will be inspired to delve a bit deeper into this (or similar) hobby with which they'll share some adventures together with each other,  me and their friends.

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