Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Feel the Heat (Scenario)


As part of a series of coordinated strikes on the Mos Eisley, the Rebels identified an opportunity to seize the spaceport's primary Power Station - if it could be captured, it would result in a serious setback in the Empires ability to impose Imperial Law on the Sector.

A band of Rebel commandos were airlifted into the Power Station complex charged with securing the Power Station quickly and efficiently.  The major obstacle in this regard is the garrison of Imperial Troops charged with defending that very same facility.

Assemble Forces

We're fans of asymmetrical Forces - it makes for a better narrative - and played the game quite successfully using the following sides.  The 'theme' we were going for was the Attackers were a highly trained (Skill buff) group of saboteurs, travelling light for a quick strike.  The Defenders were the garrisoned troopers guarding the facility - but don't mistake that for incompetent - and were kitted out with superior armour (armour buff) and support weapons.

Attackers (Rebels)

  • 1 x Captain (Skill D8/Armour 4+/Resilience D10, Command 2, Assault Rifle and Combat Knife);
  • 1 x NCO (D8/4+/D10, Command 1, Assault Rifle and Combat Knife);
  • 6 x Soldiers (D8/4+/D8, Assault Rifle and Combat Knife); and
  • 1 x Droid (see Special Rules)

Defenders (Imperials)

  • 1 x Captain (D6/5+/D10, Command 2, Assault Rifle and Combat Knife);
  • 1 x NCO (D6/5+/D10, Command 1, Assault Rifle and Combat Knife);
  • 4 x Soldiers (D6/5+/D8, Assault Rifle and Combat Knife); and
  • 1 x Heavy Weapon Soldier (D6/5+/D8, Mini Gun and Combat Knife).


Our map used an assortment of paper craft sourced across the interweb.  Our newest inclusions were some of the Reactor Level terrain items from Ebbles' Derelict Megaset.

Five Objective Markers were placed around map: two to the West, next to the Coolant Store and Bridge; one to the South East next to the System Link and finally on to the North East at the Regulator Control's panel.

As usual, I wanted to ensure that there were a few extended fire-lanes.  We treated the vast majority of terrain as Level 2 or higher and buildings (Storehouse and Bunker) as inaccessible but climbable.

Whilst it isn't evident in the above photo, the Generator is actually Level 4 - the Generator proper was Level 2 and raised a further 2 Levels - the Bridge is also Level 2 high and only accessible via a Ramp to the South.  That provides the Attackers with the option to establish a line of site to a large portion of the table if they so wish.
You can see the Ramp and Bridge (top-left) leading to
the Generator at the (top-centre) of the picture.


Both Forces need secure as many Objectives as possible else eliminate the opposition by Game End.

Deployment and Tactical Edge

The Attackers were airlifted into the South Western Dropzone and the Defenders exited their Bunker from the North East.  Troops can be deployed as Reserves.

Tactical Edge is rolled as per usual.

The Objectives, Victory! and End Game

This game is played as an Occupy Mission (pg 48, TGTMG) with five (5) Objective Markers available.

Determine whether the Game continues or ends as per the standard TGTMG rules.

Special Rules

We employed our usual mix of House Rules.  While they seem to work for us, they aren't necessary for this particular scenario.

Droid Support

The Rebel's have included a support Droid to aid their action.  Whilst the Droid cannot attack, its presence is valuable all the same.

  • The Droid can hold an Objective, allowing the rest of the Squad tackle other objectives.
  • The Droid continually generates a field of interference that shields all units (inclusive of the Droid) within Point Blank Range - all Attackers ranged skill is degraded by 1 die.
  • The Droid is consider Size 1, has Armour of 3+ and Resolution of D10 and move/run as standard.  
  • It cannot perform any attacks nor feats (jumping, climbing) but is otherwise used as a normal Unit.

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