Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sayonara Baby!

I like the TGTMG Reeling-related rules, but when playing with my kids, they are just too unforgiving.  We've modified and adapted the same to "PG" the game some more.  Interestingly enough, it has also injected another unexpected bonus: it encourages Attackers to target Defenders who are already Done.

Units who are Done are more vulnerable to attack than those who haven't yet be activated.  When making a Resolution Check, degrade the Target's Resolution die by 1 for each Done marker they have applied.

Units Reeling are particularly vulnerable to attack.
  • If a Reeling Unit is attacked in Close Combat, they are unable to defend - the Attacker performs a Skill Roll and only misses on a roll of 1.
  • If a Reeling Unit is attacked using Ranged Fire, resolve hits as per usual - high ROF weapons mean many opportunities to hit and inflict cumulative damage!
  • Whilst Reeling, a Unit's Armour isn't compromised and armour penetration is determined as usual.
For example, despite the fact that a Street Judge is sent Reeling, it is impossible for an unarmed Citizen to breach the Judge's armour (7+) with their bare hands (d4).

  • Whilst Reeling, a Unit's resolve is further compromised: continue to downgrade their Resolution Dice by one Factor when determining whether the Unit is subject to further Turns of Reeling.
Example: Judge Alex is blindsided by a Punk employing a Shotgun, sending him Reeling and a Citizen chooses that very moment to go crazy and attack the Reeling Judge with his bare hands.  The Citizen has a good chance of hitting the Judge (75%) but no chance of breaching his armour: a d4 cannot achieve the 7+ required to penetrate the Judge's Armour.  The hit will cause the Judge to take a further Resolution Test, downgrade by one dice... there'd normally be a 1-in-8 chance of causing a Retreat result as opposed to the usual 1-in-10 chance a non-Reeling Judge would face.  However the Even a Street Judge will eventually succumb to weight of numbers, regardless of the protection afforded by their armour and training!

This House Rule tweak of the TGTMG Hasta La Vista Baby! Rule seems to have a number of positive impacts.

Firstly, Attackers targeting a Reeling Unit, are more likely able to hit via Close Combat i.e. there's an incentive for Units to close-into their targets.  Closer the action, the more atmospheric the game.

Secondly, unlike TGTMG, the strength of the Attacker's weapon isn't 'boosted' by virtue of the Defender's rattled state, rather the Defenders ability to resist further 'hits' is compromised - this translates to an increased chance of the Defender remaining Reeling and an increased chance of the Defender being forced to Retreat/Retire.  This in turn means that we need not rely upon Wounds or Hit Points to simulate a Unit's toughness, rather Resolution itself is a good proxy for durability.

For example: A Citizen's default Resolution is d6, meaning that if they're struck by an Attack that's somehow absorbed by their clothing (set to 2+, so the Attacker must have rolled a 1 Drok!) there's a 16% chance they run for it, 67% they'll be sent Reeling and a 16% chance they'll shake it off and fight back.

If the Citizen is sent Reeling, and then attacked again, their Resolution is degraded from d6 to d4 i.e. at a minimum, they'll be sent Reeling again, but now it's 25% they'll be decommissioned.

Finally, it makes for a great story-telling device: even during the most dire of situations, there's a chance that Heroes can pull through, despite the odds and wounds.

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