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Raid on Mobile Depot (Scenario)


First a Machine patrol engaged the Resistance near five-ways, at the site of the old Preston Medical Centre.  Then Resistance Command acting on intelligence gleaned by Resistance Scouts, repelled a Hunter Squad tracking into the ruins of the Preston Market.  Finally Resistance Command located the source of the machine incursions - a mobile factory hidden the the rubble of the once mighty Northland Bunnings!

An audacious plan (aren't they all) was prepared and put into action: at first light the Resistance force would converge on the site from all sides and destroy the factory's cold machine mind, freeing the North from it's veil of fear.

Assemble Forces

Each Player need prepare a Force of 500 Points, subject to the usual restrictions for rare Units, Heavy Weapons etc inclusive of TDD Agents.  Examples of Forces:

  • Machines 8 x Endoskeletons with Plasma Guns; 1 x Endoskeleton with Flamer; 1 x Flying Drone with Full Command array and 1 x Mobile Gun Platform with Plasma Gun and one TDD Agent.
  • Resistance 12 x Resistance Soldiers with Plasma Rifles; 2 x Resistance Soldiers with Grenade Launchers; 2 x Resistance Soldiers with Rocket Launchers and 3 x TDD Agents.
Subsequent to finalising their respective Forces, randomly or otherwise, allocate one Player is allocated the role of ''Attacker'' and the other is the ''Defender''.

Defender Force Composition

Of the 500 Points selected, the Defender must designate no more than 160 Points as Patrolling.  The remaining Units are designated Slumbering ('Off-line' for Machines, 'Off Duty' for Resistance) or undergoing Damaged (for Machines, 'Injured' for Resistance).

Slumbering Units, once made available, are full strength Units - unfortunately, until they are activated, there's a risk they'll be lost with the destruction of the Truck in which they're housed - see below.  Damaged Units are available Turn One, however aren't fully operational e.g., have reduced firepower, compromised skill or resilience  - see Special Rules below.

In addition to the Defender's Patrolling, Slumbering and Damaged Units, the Defender is allocated three Vehicles and 100 Points of defences.

The Defender's three Vehicles represent their mobile command, supply and support-related assets.  During this Scenario these Vehicles are treated as stationary Trucks (regarding Armour, Resolution and Special Rules - see page 67 of the Rules).

The Defender has an additional 100 Points can be used to bolster their defences. Options in this regard include:
  • Truck Armour Plating to Armour 7+ (7 Points per Truck)
  • Light Machine Gun (15 Points)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (25 Points)
  • Grenade Launcher (25 Points)
  • Rocket Launcher (35 Points)
  • Heavy Plasma Gun (45 Points)
A weapon system can either be attributed to a Truck (thereby leveraging the Truck's Resilient Trait and noting the reduction in the Truck's capacity as per page 67 of the Rules) else deployed as Autonomous Sentries - stationary Units with a d6 Skill, 6+ Armour and d10 Resolution.

Importantly the Defender need not select their defences until the they're due to be deployed (see Deployment below).


The map should have 4 sizeable, dense, difficult terrain features representing scrub surrounding the camp site - players can alternate placing the same, with one piece per quarter of the map.  Two Size 3 ruins, with a small footprint, can be placed by the Players, one each, alternately.


The deployment of the forces reflect a combination of the scouting/intelligence gathered by the Attacker and the precautions that the Defender would take to counter such an attack.

Preparation: place the terrain onto the map area, as described above.

Step One: Defenders Vehicles

Sir, we've arrived at Tango Delta.  What's your orders?

The Trucks are sequentially placed upon the battlefield: the Defender will place the first Truck, the Attacker the second and Defender the third.  Each Truck must be placed such that no less than 1/3 of it's base is located within a Short Range of the Map's centre and no two Truck edges may be closer than a Crawl distance from one another.

Step Two: Defender's Units

Charlie Squad - you're on second watch.  In the meantime grab some zees while you can...

The Defender declares their Slumbering Units (if any) and secretly records the Support Vehicle in which each Slumbering Unit is located.

Hawkeye.  How are they doing?  Are they able to fight?

The remaining non-Patrolling, Damaged Units are placed within Point Blank of any Support Vehicle.

You know the drill, I want this perimeter secured now!

The Defender selects their defences and deploys them anywhere on the map except within 6” the Resistance deployment area.

Step Three: Attacker's Units

Team One Ready.  Team Two Ready.  Team Three... Team Three Respond?

The Attacker deploys their Units as per Fog of War rules (pg 54), inclusive of Reserves.

Step Four: Defender's Patrolling Units

Mitchel something feels wrong... make sure your lads keep their eyes open, you hear me?

The Defender uses the d10 to randomly insert their Patrolling Unit within d12'' of the map's centre.


Attacker's Primary Objective: Destroy the Trucks

The Attacker's goal is to cripple their opponent's ability to wage war, through the destruction of their mobile base.

Attacker's Secondary Objective: Fight Another Day

Whilst the destruction of the mobile base is the goal of the engagement, the Attacker need be concious of the cost: destruction of the 3 vehicles yields 200 points to offset the losses they may incurr in the process.

Defender's Objective: Repel the Attacker

Defend the supply vehicles and drive off the Attackers.

Tactical  Edge

Follow the usual Tactical Roll-Off rules.

Game End

The game lasts until one side achieves its primary objective.


The winner is the player who has inflicted most losses, be it destroyed or retreated Units. on his opponent; however the Attacker cannot win unless the Trucks are destroyed.

Upon destroying the Trucks the Attacker is awarded 200 Points - the Attacker will therefore need to balance their losses with their Primary Objective.

Losses are calculated in Points e.g., forcing a standard Resistance Soldier to Retreat would yield their opponent 15 Points.

The Defender's 100 Points of defences are not included in the Loss determination/calculation.

Special Rules

Slumbering Units

Whilst Slumbering, the Units are treated as if they are Reeling. At the start of each Turn, prior to determining the Tactical Edge, roll a dice for each Slumbering Unit. When a Unit’s cumulative total reaches 10, it may be Activated and deployed as a standard Unit.

Once Activated, the Units can be be exited from their Vehicle as per the standard Transport rules, disregarding any exiting mishaps.

Damaged Units

A Damaged Unit start the game with some battle-damage; roll d6 for each Unit and apply the result in the following table for the remainder of the game. If the result isn't applicable for that type of Unit, re-roll the die.
  1. Target Sensor/ Arm Injury - degrade the Unit's Skill by one die.
  2. Processors/ Shell Shocked - degrade the Unit's Resolution by one die.
  3. Range Finder/ Eye Injury - degrade the Unit's ranged Weapons maximum Range by one Factor e.g., Weapons that are normally rated Long are re-rated as Short.
  4. Stabiliser/ Leg Injury - the Unit is subject to the Brace Weapon Trait for all ranged firing-related attacks.
  5. Actuator/ Fatigued - degrade the Unit's speed by on factor e.g., Slow Units become Very Slow.
  6. Weapons - degrade the Unit's Weapon's Strength(s) by one die to a minimum of d4.

Autonomous Sentries

Treat as stationary, standard Units with d6 Skill, 6+ Armour and d10 Resolution.  The Units are Activated as per usual, can affected by Commander traits, sent Reeling and are subject to the same restrictions regarding Close Combat ranged Attacks as Vehicles.

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