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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Get Him (House Rule)

If you have more than one Unit in Close Combat Range of an Enemy, you can gang up!

For every extra friendly Model already in Close Combat Range of an Enemy, the Attacker can upgrade their Skill die e.g., a single Citizen attacking a Punk would roll a d4 vs the Punk's d6.  Two Citizens attacking a Punk would roll d6's during their Impulses, whilst three Citizens would roll d8s.

At the commencement of Turn Two, Judge Alex is locked in Close Combat with two Punks.  The Punks win the tactical advantage and roll a 1 on the Fate die.  A third Punk is Activated and joins the fray.  That Punk employs a d10 (normally a d6, one buddy would lift it to a d8 but this bother boy has two mates) - suddenly it's d10 vs d10 and Judge Alex is entitled to be feeling a tad stressed....

Yes, get enough buddies into the fight and even the most skillful opponent can be overwhelmed.

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