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Friday, 10 February 2017

Zombie (Unit)

Zombies was are shambling, brain-craving carnivores with an insatiable appetite and no regard whatsoever for personal hygiene.

A typical human Zombie has the following stats:

Skill d6 Armour 3+ Resolution d8,
Weapons: Fists (d4 CC)

A Zombie Resistance Soldier might also be armed with a ranged and close combat weapon or two...

Zombie Traits: Mindless, Braaiinns!, Slow, Zombie Crawler,  Arrgghhh! and Infect.

Infect: a Zombie who kills a living Unit in close combat turns the Unit into a Zombie. The new Zombie may be activated in the Turn following infection.

Design Note: virtually any Unit could be 'zombiefied': apply the above Traits and consider whether they new life (death?) has increased their (attack) Skill and toughness/resolution and whether or not they can use their existing weapons.

Note: I trialled the following Zombie Reaction Table from Apocalypse Earth Dispatches from the Front Line Vol 1 - adds some nice variations to the the Zombie theme and allows for armed Zombies... and incidentally makes for some solo gaming opportunities as well.

2D6 Dice Roll Zombie Reaction
2-3 Stunned - the Zombies do nothing
4-5 Move then fire towards the nearest enemy unit
6-7 Fire then move towards the nearest enemy unit
8-9 Move towards the nearest cover and
fire at the nearest enemy unit
10-11 Fire at the nearest enemy unit and then
move towards the nearest cover
12 Charge the nearest enemy unit

Other zombie rules:
  • Zombies always lose the Tactical Advantage.  Arrgghhh!...
  • Zombies do not need to see their enemy to detect which is nearest.  Zombie smell brains...
  • Zombies will fire at their enemy even when there's no chance of hitting them.  Zombie kill...
  • If a Zombie is in cover and is required to move towards cover, it will move towards whatever cover is in the direction of the nearest enemy.  Zombie want brains...
  • If a Zombie can engage in close combat, it will.  Zombie eat brains...
  • If a Zombie has to fire through another Zombie to target an enemy, each shot that misses the enemy has a 50% chance of hitting the Zombie in the line of fire.  Zombie not use brain...

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