Friday, 10 February 2017

Zombie Crawler (Unit)

Zombies might not be tough, but they are certainly persistent - hell, once you've already been killed and reanimated, the last thing that's going to hold you back is the loss of your legs!
Please Sir, I want some more Braiiinnsss!
  1. Just like the 'I'll Be Back' rule (pg 69), a Zombie destroyed (except by a 'Hasta la Vista, Baby!' attack or by a Retreat result on a Resolution test), roll a d6.  If the result is a 5 or a 6, the model is not actually destroyed, but turns into a Zombie Crawler instead.
  2. Upon turning into a Zombie Crawler, the model must also take a Resolution test as normal for surviving a hit.
  3. Zombie Crawlers are subject to the same rules as a Machine Crawlers (pg 69) in addition to being deemed Extra Slow.
  4. Beyond being particularly disgusting, Zombie Crawler's Skill, Armour and Resolution are the same as a normal/standard Zombie.
  5. Zombie Crawlers 'Specials' are Braaiinns!, Arrgghhhh! and Very Slow i.e. they are no longer subject to Mindless.

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