Saturday, 4 February 2017

Zombie Attack (Scenario)

We played this Scenario twice today - it was a lot of fun!  I'm pretty sure I've got at least one war gamer in the making - hooray!

The first Game ended with a sole Resistance solider being herded into a map corner only then overwhelmed by 4 Zombies all one Turn 6 (so close!).  The Black Hawk crew surveyed the mess below them and turned that baby around pronto.

The second Game saw two Resistance soldiers being airlifted to safety at the end of Turn 6. The Zombies Braaiinns! ability caused havoc with a single Zombie breaking the Resistance line and taking out two Soldiers in Turns 2 and 3!  The Resistance had to disperse and fight on multiple fronts and but for some lucky rolls, the whole game could have easily gone to the Zombies.  One Resistance gamble did pay off: during Turn 3, rather than attacking, one Resistance solider made for second story of a building.  The resulting clear line of sight meant the Solider was able to apply some much appreciated covering fire in the following Turns and was irritating enough that the Zombie player split his forces in response... a very memorable game.

The combination of the Braaiinns! Fate-linked Zombie ability and the random deployment really added to the tension of the game - I even found myself muttering ''Commmeeeooonnn"Leighton Hewitt-style when rolling for my shots.  I don't know if you'd want to play with the Aimed Shots, Suppression Fire and Ambush - if you were to do so, you might like to consider upping the Zombie reserves roll from a d4 to d6?  Anyway, with the exception of Braking Up a Move, we played it straight and loved it.


Frustrated by the lack of progress, Skynet is trialling biological warfare in the form of a highly aggressive zombifying virus!

In less than 24 hours 95% of Firebase Zulu's population (all avid gym buffs) were infected.   The remaining Resistance Soldiers banded together, requested an extraction by helicopter and evacuated the Base.

Now it is a case of survival.  Can the Resistance Soldiers hold out long enough to be airlifted to safety or will they be overrun by the relentless zombie horde?

Assemble Forces


  1. You have 4 Resistance Soldiers and one Resistance NCO, all of whom are armed with combat knives and plasma rifles.  
  2. No TDD is available to the Resistance. 


  1. The size of your horde is variable - see Deployment below for further details.
  2. No TDD is available to the Zombies.
Each Zombie's attributes are as follows:

Skill d6 Armour 3+ Resolution d8 
Special: Mindless, Braaiinns!, Slow, Zombie Crawler and Arrgghhh!
Weapons: Fists (d4 CC)


  1. Using the standard wasteland mat, divide it into 4 quarters.
  2. Each player is allocated four terrain features: two Size 1 Barricades and two Size 2, difficult/dense ruined buildings.
  3. The players then take alternate turns applying a terrain feature to the map, commencing with the Resistance player.
  4. Each quarter can only accommodate two terrain features and no feature may be placed within Point Blank of the map's edge.



The Resistance player's objective is survive long enough to be airlifted to safety and escape the Zombie horde.


The Zombie player's objective is destroy all Resistance units and commence feasting on their brains before they are airlifted away to safety.


The Resistance player deploys first, placing all his models within one Craw template radius from the middle/centre of the playing area.

The Zombie player's units are deployed in the following manner:
  1. At the commencement of each Turn the Zombie player rolls a d4, which determines the number of Zombie reserves activated for the Turn; then
  2. Each Zombie reserve is then deployed at a location determined using the Fog of War Chart (pg 55).
It is therefore possible as many as 4 additional Zombie reserves could enter the wasteland at the commencement of each and every Turn and potentially they could all enter from the same location!

Tactical Edge

The Resistance player is always awarded the turn's Tactical Edge.  This is due to the Zombies' working as a slow, shambling body working on instinct rather than any foresight, planning or coordinated tactics - see Special Rules: Arrgghhhh!

Game End

The game continues until the Resistance force has either been killed/routed or airlifted - see below.


"Dave, mate.
Are you sure you've landed us in Melbourne Airport?"
  1. At the end of the fifth Turn of the game, the Resistance player rolls a d4.  If the result is a 4, the Resistance have been evacuated by airlift and the game ends.
  2. If the game continues, at the end of the sixth turn, the Resistance player rolls a d6; if the result is 4 or more, the game ends.
  3. If the game continues, at the end of the seventh and following turns, the Resistance player rolls a d20.  If the result is 20 or more, the game ends.


If one or more Resistance fighters manage to get airlifted to safety, then the Resistance player is declared the winner; otherwise the Zombie player is declared the winner.

Special Rules


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