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Predator Hunt (Scenario)

No prizes for working out the inspiration, but the source material is just too good to pass by.

Working out how to provide the Predator player with a mechanism beyond Stealth that could simulate their somewhat unreliable camouflage technology was a challenge - I'll be interested to see how it actually works after a few plays.  Also including the Honour Code trait is intended to stop the game becoming a mere turkey shoot and the Turn Around trait means the Predator can take out multiple Units in a single Turn, as long as they are bunched together e.g., Plasma Caster hits the group, one is set to Reeling, another Cowering.  Next Turn, the Predator might win the Tactical Edge, charge into the fray and lay waste - especially given the Plasma Caster is subject to Recharge.  Or maybe use the Net Caster to further immobilise the hunted... lots of options.

The Cowering Special Rule came about after the first trial resulted in the Resistance losing 2 of their 7 units via Retreat Resolution rolls... where's the fun in that?  I think it's a nice touch, again recreates the impact of panic within the Team and gives the Resistance some more staying power.

It might need some balancing, however I don't think we'll have any problems setting the scene and the rule-set seems just made for such numbers.  I'm looking forward to it!


Making their way to a Resistance stronghold, Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's Team happens upon a lone, terrified girl, fleeing through the jungle.  Dutch sets Sgt. Hawkins in pursuit.  Less than a minute later Hawkin's screams ring out, drawing the Team to a clearing where they find the woman cowering and drenched in blood.

Dutch drags the girl to her feet,  "Where the hell is Hawkins?" he demands.

"She says the jungle..." responses Poncho, translating her rapid Spanish, " just came alive and took him."

"Find him!" Dutch commands his Team, then once again confronts the girl.  "What did you see?"

The girl, gathering her wits, replies in English this time.  "I don't know what it was.  It...It changed colours, like the chameleon, it uses the jungle."

"This year," she continues, "it grows hot. We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins... and sometimes much, much worse. "El cazador trofeo de los hombres" means the demon who makes trophies of men."

"Major," whispers Poncho, returning with the Team, "You'd better take a look at this."

"Did you find Hawkins?" ask's Dutch.

"I... I can't tell."

Poncho leads the the Team to a scene reminiscent of a butcher's shop - three men, flayed and hung upside-down, swaying above a pile of steaming entrails.

Dutch's brow darkens.  "This is getting better by the minute."

"I'm scared Poncho." states Billy.

Spitting on the ground in defiance, Poncho responds.  "Bullshit. You ain't afraid of no man."

"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man," Billy replies, surveying the gathering dusk. "We're all gonna die."

Dutch senses that things are rapidly getting out of hand.  "Hey Billy, give me a way out of this hole. Aerial says we are cut off."

"You lose it here, you're in a world of hurt," interjects Blain.

Ignoring Blain, Billy consults his maps. "The only way outta here is that valley that leads to the east. But I wouldn't risk that on a broke-dick dog."

"Not much choice".  Dutch motions to his Team.  "We move, five meter spread, no sound."

Little does Dutch realise that The Hunt has commenced in earnest and time is most definitely not on their side.

Assemble Forces


The Resistance team is comprised of seven (7) units:
  • Dutch (Skill d6, Armour  4+, Resolution d10, Command 2 armed with an Assault rifle and Combat knife);
  • Dillon (Resistance Solider armed with a SMG and Combat knife);
  • Mac and Billy (Resistance Solider with Assault rifles and Combat knifes);
  • Poncho (Resistance Solider armed Grenade launcher and Combat knife);
  • Blain (Resistance Solider with a Minigun aka "Ol' Painless" and Combat knife); and
  • The girl rescued by the Team, Anna (Resistance Solider with a SMG and Combat knife).
Design Note: I've tried to keep the Team's load-out true to the movie - SMGs rather than Assault Rifles aren't that problematic given the dense Terrain.  The Grenade launcher's Indirect File trait should be particularly useful and if you apply the Suppressive Fire and employ Ambush, well it should make for some great fun.

The Resistance can employ a single Time Displacement Device i.e. one TDD is available (Mmm, wish we used that earlier!).

The Predator

A single Predator is hunting the Resistance Soldiers - Predator stats, weapons and special traits are detailed here.

The Predator does not have access to time displacement technology i.e. it does not have a TDD.


Using a standard sized map, liberally litter the same with a array of size 3+, 2 and 1 inch scenery items, complemented by areas of difficult dense terrain, representing a jungle environment.

Design Note: You might try a river, bisecting the two sides, a winding path crossing the river, especially if you're attempting the alternate Objective described below.


Design Note: There game could be played in a number of ways, I've outlined an Evacuation vs Hunt Scenario below, however I suspect would be fun having the Resistance trying to escape off-board via a designated exit point, whilst the Predator tries and complete the hunt.


Primary Objective: Evacuate

You achieve this objective if, by the end of the game, one or more of your soldiers remains alive.

Design Note: given the Cowering Special Rule, the Resistance player will need to carefully balance their Team's deployment throughout the engagement: too tightly bunched, and they'll be easy pickings for the Predator's Plasma Caster and Net Caster and rescue a Cowering unit will mean both distracting the Commander and distracting Team members in the near vicinity.


Primary Objective: A Legendary Hunt

You achieve this objective if all of the Resistance are rendered ineffective (killed or cowering) by Game End.

Design Note: given the Predator's primary ranged weapon has the Recharge Weapon Trait and the Predator's are subject to the Yautja Honour Code they'll need to make some tricky decisions as to whether finish-off reeling Soldiers, immobilise active Soldiers or strategic repositioning on the map.

Secondary Objective: A Successful Hunt

You achieve this objective if 50% of the Resistance are rendered ineffective (killed or Cowering) by Game End.


Employ the Rapid Insertion mechanism for inserting each Force - see page 54 of the TGTMG Rules - with the following adjustments:
  1. All models are inserted on the first turn of the game;
  2. No Resolution test is required upon insertion; and
  3. No Reserves are permitted.
The Predator is able to nominate no more than 3 Contacts (i.e. 2 Ghosts and the actual Unit) during Deployment via Rapid Insertion.  The Predator need nominate the number of Contacts deployed prior to resolving deployment - see the 'Over Here' trait for further details.

Tactical Edge

Each Turn's Tactical Edge is determined as per usual, noting the Predator's Tactical Genius trait.

Game End

The game continues until the end of Turn Five, when the Resistance Player commences to test for completion as per the TGTMG Rules, page 56.


  1. If the Predator achieves it's Primary Objective, it is awarded a decisive victory.
  2. If both the Resistance achieves it's Primary Objective and the Predator achieve it's Secondary Objective the Scenario's outcome a draw.
  3. If the Resistance achieves it's Primary Objective and the Predator fails to achieve it's Secondary Objective, then the Resistance are awarded a decisive victory.

Special Rules


Having survived the holocaust and Skynet's relentless incursions, the Resistance are amongst humanity's most hardened warriors.  However sometimes even the elite can crumble which can have a devastating effect upon their unit.

In the event that a Resistance unit's Resolution Test yields a Retreat! outcome (see TGTMG Rules, pages 29-30); instead apply the following 'Cowering' rules:
  1. Apply a suitable marker/token(s) to flag the model as Cowering.
  2. The Cowering unit is subject to all adverse effects associated with Reeling (see TGTMG Rules, page 30) including being able to be targeted with 'Hasta La Vista, Baby!'.
  3. Any allies within a Point Blank range of the Cowering unit have their Skill and Resolution degraded by one step - seeing your comrades cracking under pressure doesn't help the situation any!
  4.  A Cowering model must be Activated to test if they can 'recover' their composure and resume the engagement.  Upon Activating a Cowering unit, roll a Resolution Test.  A result of 1-5 means they remain Cowering, while a 6+ means they're recovered some and are set to Reeling - replace the Cowering marker with two Done Markers to reflect the same.
  5. A Cowering model's (Recovery) Resolution Test can be upgraded by one step if one or more ally Commander is withing Point Blank range.  For each Command level, upgrade the Resolution die one step e.g., Command 1 = d8 upgraded to d10, Command 2 = d8 upgraded to d12.

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