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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Tylo's Denunciation

“My lord, for availing yourselves at such notice, the Emperor thanks you.  You are all well aware that the warp storms that had engulfed the Libuscha system for millennia have all but abated.  Whilst the Fleet Seleucia picket line holds, our operatives are battling seemingly ceaseless waves of blasphemy, as destructive as the glossal tsunami that regularly scour Libuscha without respite.”

“Yes yes, this is well understood.  So why the urgency?”

“Recently obtained surveillance data has captured a meeting between Kroot mercenaries and Inquisitor Tylo Haariginer of Ordo Xenos, with his pilot Yana YAYA, bodyguard Petrusch Garssener and the Kroot Kekar Kanj.   Whilst certainly distasteful, such contact it is not unexpected but of more concern was Levi Jingst, Haariginer’s pet psycher.  At the meeting’s conclusion, Jingst failed to board Haariginer’s transport and evidently remained with the Kroot.  It may be purely coincidental, but this meeting took place within Libuscha's Ghazal region."

“Ghazal?  Isn’t that…”

"Yes, I suspected you’d appreciate the connection.  My Lords, this rendezvous placed Jingst within 1 kilom of Emilio Couto’s base of operations just two days prior to the region’s rebellion.  But for Commissioner Rifrost’s intervention, it is probably that the heresy would have spread throughout the entire hemisphere by now.”

“And what of news of Haariginer?”

“Nothing my Lord.  No reports have been filed nor has he been sighted since.”

“This is indeed most concerning…”

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