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Monday, 27 February 2017

House Rules

Unit Coherence

Resistance Soldiers that remain within Short Range of a non-reeling Command figure (e.g., Resistance Captain or NCO) can increase their Resistance die by one Factor.

Close Combat Cover Saves

Units cannot make Cover Saves whilst defending in Close Combat.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Preston Market Holdout (Battle Report)

+++Preston Market Holdout. Dateline Feb2017+++

The remnants of Captain Alex's squad made double-time back to the Base and raised the alert: whilst Skynet's incursion at the Preston Medical Centre was repelled, the Resistance were sure that this was just the beginning of a broader Machine offensive.  Command's hunch was unfortunately correct.  Scouts spotted a Machine Hunter Squad approaching from the North and a defence Team was quickly deployed by Command to engage them in the ruins of Preston Market... 


Preston Market, the site of a thriving bustling multi-cultural marketplace, is somewhat different in post-holocaust Melbourne.  Where once it was crammed with traders, shouting out their latest prices, it is now quieter, less popular and somewhat cleaner (the meat and fish hall should have been irradiated years ago).  Visitors are advised that whilst there is now amble parking, inspectors are still inclined issue infringement on a whim... usually in the form of searing bots of plasma!
The Machines entered from the North-Western corner and Resistance from the South-Eastern.

We used the standard sized 3'x2' map and maybe half the area was classified as ruined buildings - treated as dense, difficult terrain.

Special Rules

We kept the terrain-related cover saves very simple: if you were in a dense, difficult terrain, you were entitled to a Hard Cover save against ranged fire, regardless of the attacker's range.  Further we also allowed both the Aiming and Ambush Advanced Rules.

The Forces

The Resistance (155 Points)

A 7 unit Resistance Team was deployed:
  • 5 x Resistance Soldiers armed with Plasma Rifles;
  • 1 x Resistance Solider with a Grenade Launcher; and
  • 1 x Resistance NCO with a Plasma Rifle.
The Resistance had one, standard TDD.

It's worth noting that Command had actually intended on deploying a Squad of 8, but Littlest Brother requisitioned a Resistance Soldier to fly his Fire Helicopter.

The Machines (185 Points)

The Machines deployed a 4 unit Hunter Squad consisting of:
  • 2 x Endoskeletons armed with Pulse Guns;
  • 1 x Endoskeleton armed with a Flamer; and
  • 1 x Mobile Gun Platform.
The Machines also had access to a single, standard TDD.

Mission and Deployment

We played a straight Annihilate Mission and used a Cornered-style deployment position.  During Turn One all units were to be Activated using the standard Turn Sequence such that by Turn Two, all units had entered the Market ruins, up to a Run distance from their respective corners.

The Melee

Initially the battle-lines split into discrete Northern and Southern fronts.

Turn's One to Three

The Southern Front saw the first of the action with the NCO and three Soldiers approaching the Endos, making for cover in and around the ruins.  Two Machines responded, cautiously approaching, seeking to take advantage of their superior firepower by securing relatively clear firing lanes.  At the close of Turn Two the Machine's long-range plasma proved too accurate for one Resistance Soldier, however both the NCO and Private Betty were within striking range.

The NCO now had a choice - bring the fight to the Endos or wait them out.  Given the cover afforded by the nearby building and the limited range of the Endo's Flamer, he decided that this place made for a great Ambush location and dug in.

The Machine's Impulse saw them win two Activations.  What better time to try out my Flamer thought Alex?  Firstly Alex Activated one of his standard Endo who closed in on the NCO and Betty and...  

This was a pivotal point in the game.  Paddy had the opportunity to Activate his NCO and  and fire upon the Endo, however doing so he'd lose the opportunity to shoot at the Flamer wielding Endo should it follow it's machine brethren's route. A difficult, chancy decision for any veteran, let alone an 8-year old. 

...the NCO bravely held his fire! Pew Pew - Ping!  Some old tomato tins were caught in Endo's fire and the NCO dodged a proverbial plasma bolt.

Paddy saw his chance: activating from Ambush, he fired upon the Endo.  Two hits 😁... Two armour saves 😟 and two Reeling saves 😰.  NNNOOOOO!!!  The Endo fired back and sent the NCO Reeling!

On the Northern front, things were looking similarly dire for the Resistance.  The Resistance initially split their troops, with two Resistance Soldiers heading for the shop ruins in the Northern edge and two more Resistance Soldiers, including one with the Grenade Launcher, making for the centre.

Alex moved a single Endoskeleton to engage with his Mobile Gun Platform following in support, moving between the Northern and Centre Resistance positions.  The Endo lurched between the remains of the Spanish Donuts Cart and Camuglia & Sons leaving a dark smudge where once a proud Resistance Soldier stood.  It was a costly lesson for the Resistance and in response the remaining four Humans moved into deeper cover, seeking to obscure themselves amongst the ruined market stalls.

With a Mobile Gun Unit and Crawl approaching, this
Soldier has reason to be concerned!
The Machines pressed their advantage and moved closer to the Resistance position.  The combined plasma and grenades rained down on the lead Endo - but not enough to destroy it!  Now the Resistance had the Mobile Gun Unit and a Crawler to deal with.

In the South the Flamer Endo engaged Weber mode: march into the breach and get the BBQ started!
With two Endos approaching from the West,
the NCO and Betty had some tough decisions to make.

The NCO, toasted in seconds, didn't stand a chance... or did he?  Paddy activated his TDD and now packed his asbestos undies... but to no, another poor roll and the NCO died a second time in some alternate timeline!  Betty was also ignited, however her quick wits and an effective drop-and-roll saved her tasty bacon.

She was tough that Betty: not only did she survive, but kept her wits and in a final act of defiance, fired upon an Endo, scoring two hits. Whilst not destroying the machine, her fire was sufficient to send it Reeling back to the shop for some serious panel beating.

While Betty was most certainly brave, that wasn't enough to save her from the Flamer Endo's Claws.  Betty bought her comrades some time however the Southern Front had now collapsed and what was left of the Resistance was in serious danger of being both outgunned and outflanked.

Turn Four and Five

The won the Tactical Advantage and made a good Fate roll, leaving them with a difficult decision: target the closer Soldiers or concentrate on the now indisposed Grenade Launcher?  Trusting in their superior resilience, they decided to tackle the closer human and moved in for the kill.  Quickly another Soldier was cut down by withering Plasma bolts, however in response the remaining standard Endoskeleton was cut in half at Point Blank range!

With the Flamer Endo quickly approaching the Northern front, the Resistance needed some serious luck!

The Flamer Endo ran into the fray and attempted to rake the Resistance Soldier, however it was only able to land a glancing blow and the Soldier maintained his steel.

Private Prigs, crouched behind the Farinacci Deli's industrial pasta maker, let rip with his Grenade Launcher into the midst of the bunched Machines at Point Blank, destroying the Crawler and sending the Flamer and Mobile Gun Unit both Reeling!  This was despite the use of the Machine TDD to try a re-roll for the Flamer's Reeling result - new roll, same result.

A roll for Game End decided that the engagement wasn't finished: Resistance Command ordered the Team to finish off the Machines!

Turn Six

The Mobile Gun Unit and Flamer Endo are both Reeling
from the onslaught and the Resistance Soldiers choose
that moment to move it for the kill!
With the remaining two Machine Models Reeling, the Resistance made their last, desperate charge.  If this failed, they'd be in Close Combat range of two Machines during the next Turn - not good for anyone's life expectancy.

Each of the two remaining Resistance Soldiers jumped at the nonsensical Machines, and using the Phillip's Head Screwdriver hidden in the handles of their Combat Knives, opened up the control panels and successfully removed their AA's - Hasta La Vista, Battery!


The two remaining Soldiers limped back to Base to inform Command that they were successful, despite the shocking loss of lives.  With the time bought by the brave warriors, Command had been able to assemble a strike force to launch a raid against the Machine outpost - stay tuned!!

Post-game Thoughts and Ruminations

This particular battle was a lot more exciting that I had anticipated.  The boys were primarily interested in fielding (1) larger forces and (2) some heavy weapons.  They were also trying the Ambush and Aiming rules again, with a little more appreciation as to how, when and why they might be used.

The first half of the game most definitely saw the Machines take the advantage: mowing down a good portion of the Resistance and closing onto their position on multiple fronts.  The Flamer - wow, a terrifying weapon in the hands of an Endo.  Paddy, the Resistance Player, was justifiably stressed, especially given he hadn't managed to employ his shiny new Grenade Launcher!

The later half of the game saw it swing in the Resistance's favour.  The real turning point was when the Machines made the call to attack the nearer Soldiers, allowing the Grenade Launcher to rain down punishment on three Machines at once.  Alex realised he made a mistake using his TDD after the Grenade Launcher hits were being resolved - he might have been better served chancing a miss on three Units rather than seeking to undo the Reeling effect on one.  It's a harsh world out there in post-apocalyptic Preston and the sooner a 6-year old realises that, the better chance he'll have of surviving the future. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Predator Hunt (Scenario)

No prizes for working out the inspiration, but the source material is just too good to pass by.

Working out how to provide the Predator player with a mechanism beyond Stealth that could simulate their somewhat unreliable camouflage technology was a challenge - I'll be interested to see how it actually works after a few plays.  Also including the Honour Code trait is intended to stop the game becoming a mere turkey shoot and the Turn Around trait means the Predator can take out multiple Units in a single Turn, as long as they are bunched together e.g., Plasma Caster hits the group, one is set to Reeling, another Cowering.  Next Turn, the Predator might win the Tactical Edge, charge into the fray and lay waste - especially given the Plasma Caster is subject to Recharge.  Or maybe use the Net Caster to further immobilise the hunted... lots of options.

The Cowering Special Rule came about after the first trial resulted in the Resistance losing 2 of their 7 units via Retreat Resolution rolls... where's the fun in that?  I think it's a nice touch, again recreates the impact of panic within the Team and gives the Resistance some more staying power.

It might need some balancing, however I don't think we'll have any problems setting the scene and the rule-set seems just made for such numbers.  I'm looking forward to it!


Making their way to a Resistance stronghold, Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's Team happens upon a lone, terrified girl, fleeing through the jungle.  Dutch sets Sgt. Hawkins in pursuit.  Less than a minute later Hawkin's screams ring out, drawing the Team to a clearing where they find the woman cowering and drenched in blood.

Dutch drags the girl to her feet,  "Where the hell is Hawkins?" he demands.

"She says the jungle..." responses Poncho, translating her rapid Spanish, " just came alive and took him."

"Find him!" Dutch commands his Team, then once again confronts the girl.  "What did you see?"

The girl, gathering her wits, replies in English this time.  "I don't know what it was.  It...It changed colours, like the chameleon, it uses the jungle."

"This year," she continues, "it grows hot. We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins... and sometimes much, much worse. "El cazador trofeo de los hombres" means the demon who makes trophies of men."

"Major," whispers Poncho, returning with the Team, "You'd better take a look at this."

"Did you find Hawkins?" ask's Dutch.

"I... I can't tell."

Poncho leads the the Team to a scene reminiscent of a butcher's shop - three men, flayed and hung upside-down, swaying above a pile of steaming entrails.

Dutch's brow darkens.  "This is getting better by the minute."

"I'm scared Poncho." states Billy.

Spitting on the ground in defiance, Poncho responds.  "Bullshit. You ain't afraid of no man."

"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man," Billy replies, surveying the gathering dusk. "We're all gonna die."

Dutch senses that things are rapidly getting out of hand.  "Hey Billy, give me a way out of this hole. Aerial says we are cut off."

"You lose it here, you're in a world of hurt," interjects Blain.

Ignoring Blain, Billy consults his maps. "The only way outta here is that valley that leads to the east. But I wouldn't risk that on a broke-dick dog."

"Not much choice".  Dutch motions to his Team.  "We move, five meter spread, no sound."

Little does Dutch realise that The Hunt has commenced in earnest and time is most definitely not on their side.

Assemble Forces


The Resistance team is comprised of seven (7) units:
  • Dutch (Kill d6, Armour  4+, Resolution d10, Command 2 armed with an Assault rifle and Combat knife);
  • Dillon (Resistance Solider armed with a SMG and Combat knife);
  • Mac and Billy (Resistance Solider with Assault rifles and Combat knifes);
  • Poncho (Resistance Solider armed Grenade launcher and Combat knife);
  • Blain (Resistance Solider with a Minigun aka "Ol' Painless" and Combat knife); and
  • The girl rescued by the Team, Anna (Resistance Solider with a SMG and Combat knife).
Design Note: I've tried to keep the Team's load-out true to the movie - SMGs rather than Assault Rifles aren't that problematic given the dense Terrain.  The Grenade launcher's Indirect File trait should be particularly useful and if you apply the Suppressive Fire and employ Ambush, well it should make for some great fun.

The Resistance can employ a single Time Displacement Device i.e. one TDD is available (Mmm, wish we used that earlier!).

The Predator

A single Predator is hunting the Resistance Soldiers - Predator stats, weapons and special traits are detailed here.

The Predator does not have access to time displacement technology i.e. it does not have a TDD.


Using a standard sized map, liberally litter the same with a array of size 3+, 2 and 1 inch scenery items, complemented by areas of difficult dense terrain, representing a jungle environment.

Design Note: You might try a river, bisecting the two sides, a winding path crossing the river, especially if you're attempting the alternate Objective described below.


Design Note: There game could be played in a number of ways, I've outlined an Evacuation vs Hunt Scenario below, however I suspect would be fun having the Resistance trying to escape off-board via a designated exit point, whilst the Predator tries and complete the hunt.


Primary Objective: Evacuate

You achieve this objective if, by the end of the game, one or more of your soldiers remains alive.

Design Note: given the Cowering Special Rule, the Resistance player will need to carefully balance their Team's deployment throughout the engagement: too tightly bunched, and they'll be easy pickings for the Predator's Plasma Caster and Net Caster and rescue a Cowering unit will mean both distracting the Commander and distracting Team members in the near vicinity.


Primary Objective: A Legendary Hunt

You achieve this objective if all of the Resistance are rendered ineffective (killed or cowering) by Game End.

Design Note: given the Predator's primary ranged weapon has the Recharge Weapon Trait and the Predator's are subject to the Yautja Honour Code they'll need to make some tricky decisions as to whether finish-off reeling Soldiers, immobilise active Soldiers or strategic repositioning on the map.

Secondary Objective: A Successful Hunt

You achieve this objective if 50% of the Resistance are rendered ineffective (killed or Cowering) by Game End.


Employ the Rapid Insertion mechanism for inserting each Force - see page 54 of the TGTMG Rules - with the following adjustments:
  1. All models are inserted on the first turn of the game;
  2. No Resolution test is required upon insertion; and
  3. No Reserves are permitted.
The Predator is able to nominate no more than 3 Contacts (i.e. 2 Ghosts and the actual Unit) during Deployment via Rapid Insertion.  The Predator need nominate the number of Contacts deployed prior to resolving deployment - see the 'Over Here' trait for further details.

Tactical Edge

Each Turn's Tactical Edge is determined as per usual, noting the Predator's Tactical Genius trait.

Game End

The game continues until the end of Turn Five, when the Resistance Player commences to test for completion as per the TGTMG Rules, page 56.


  1. If the Predator achieves it's Primary Objective, it is awarded a decisive victory.
  2. If both the Resistance achieves it's Primary Objective and the Predator achieve it's Secondary Objective the Scenario's outcome a draw.
  3. If the Resistance achieves it's Primary Objective and the Predator fails to achieve it's Secondary Objective, then the Resistance are awarded a decisive victory.

Special Rules


Having survived the holocaust and Skynet's relentless incursions, the Resistance are amongst humanity's most hardened warriors.  However sometimes even the elite can crumble which can have a devastating effect upon their unit.

In the event that a Resistance unit's Resolution Test yields a Retreat! outcome (see TGTMG Rules, pages 29-30); instead apply the following 'Cowering' rules:
  1. Apply a suitable marker/token(s) to flag the model as Cowering.
  2. The Cowering unit is subject to all adverse effects associated with Reeling (see TGTMG Rules, page 30) including being able to be targeted with 'Hasta La Vista, Baby!'.
  3. Any allies within a Point Blank range of the Cowering unit have their Skill and Resolution degraded by one step - seeing your comrades cracking under pressure doesn't help the situation any!
  4.  A Cowering model must be Activated to test if they can 'recover' their composure and resume the engagement.  Upon Activating a Cowering unit, roll a Resolution Test.  A result of 1-5 means they remain Cowering, while a 6+ means they're recovered some and are set to Reeling - replace the Cowering marker with two Done Markers to reflect the same.
  5. A Cowering model's (Recovery) Resolution Test can be upgraded by one step if one or more ally Commander is withing Point Blank range.  For each Command level, upgrade the Resolution die one step e.g., Command 1 = d8 upgraded to d10, Command 2 = d8 upgraded to d12.

Over Here (Unit Trait)

By employing a form of active camouflage, able to confuse their enemy's sensors and rendering the unit near invisible.

This effect is simulated by:
  1. Employing multiple, identical 'Contact' markers on the board - one Contact (secretly) replaces the actual Unit's location and all additional Contacts represent illusionary 'Ghosts' designed to mislead and confuse the opposition; and
  2. All units targeting a Contact have their Skill degraded by one step, at all ranges i.e. inclusive of Close Combat.

Creation and Activation

Ghosts are generated using activation markers resulting from a Fate dice outcome.  The creation of a Ghost requires the expenditure of one Activation, therefore a maximum of two Ghosts can be generated during any given Impulse i.e. a Fate Roll of 2 could be used to generate two Ghost Contacts.  Effectively there is no limit to the number Ghosts that can be generated; however a good rule of thumb that's work for us is no more Ghosts than the opposition's total Unit count.

To generate a Ghost, first place an activation marker, Ready side up, next to a Contact that has not yet been Activated this Turn i.e. models that do not have 'Done' markers next to them.  Upon the Contact's activation, a new Ghost Contact is placed on the board, moved (see Moving Contacts below) and marked as Done, leaving the original Contact un-activated.  Note this does mean that a single Ghost Contact can spawn many Ghosts...

Ghosts, once Activated, can also be Dissipated, Moved and Attack as detailed below.


There are a number of circumstances which will result in the dissipation of Ghosts and revelation of a Contact's true nature.

Note: Once dissipated, the Attacker's skill is no longer degraded by one step.

Voluntary Dissipation

The Player controlling the Contact can voluntary dissipate a Ghost - this requires that a Ready activation marker is first placed next to the contact, then the contact is removed without any movement being performed.

Involuntary Dissipation

...via opponent's Attacks
Contacts employ the same Cover Save, Armour and Resolution rolls as their source unit.

Contacts Damaged or sent into Retreat are dissipated.

Ghost Contacts can be sent Reeling - maybe the attack overloaded the camouflage device's software? - and are subject to the usual rules to enable them to be reactivated with the exception of 'On Your Feet, Solider!'.

...via twists of Fate
"Those bastards at Radio Shack told me this
gear was water proof!  For fark's sake!!"

Rolling a FATE dissipates all Ghosts.  Active camouflage can occasionally fail, glitch, be jammed etc, and the results can be problematic to the extreme.  Upon rolling FATE, all Contacts are revealed and Ghosts removed.

...via Contact initiated Attack

Ghosts cannot Damage targets, so their Attacks are effectively decoys and illusionary.  As to whether such Attacks are simulated or Ghost Attacks are purely a game mechanism, it is largely irrelevant.

If the Player nominates to Attack with a Ghost, resolve Cover, Targeting and Hits as per usual; however:

  • If a Ghost Attack causes a Damage or Reeling result, then (1) that Ghost and (2) all remaining Contacts without Done* markers are dissipated and revealed; otherwise
  • The Ghost remains in place and the Target is unable to determine whether the attack was a Ghost or the actual Unit.
*Reeling Contacts, whether they are Ghosts or not, are not dissipated under such circumstances.

With the above in mind, the sequencing of Contact Attacks can be particularly useful when trying to maintain a Contact's true nature - sometimes it can be useful to actually have an attack altogether miss an opponent!  E.g., 2 Contacts (i.e. 1 Ghost + 1 Unit).  If only one Contact makes an Attack and the Attack fails, the opponent cannot be sure whether the attack was made by a Ghost or the real unit.


Contacts are moved and subjected to the same Movement restrictions and Traits as the real Unit.

Crossing Contact's paths can be used to confuse enemies - simply (secretly) substitute one model for another, being careful not to exceed either model's movement allowances.

Predator (Yautja)

The Yautja, known colloquially as the Predators or Hunters, are an extraterrestrial species characterised by their hunting of other dangerous species for sport and honour, including humans.

Typical Predator's Stats, Weapons and Special Rules are as follows:

Stats: Skill d10, Armour 7+, Size 2 and Resolution d12

Weapons: Predator Claws, Net Caster and Plasma Caster

Traits: Agile, Resilient 2, Tactical Genius, Yautja Honor Code, Over Here and Turn Around.


  1. Predator Claws: CC d12
  2. Net Caster: Short ROF 1, Area (Small), d20, Entangle
  3. Plasma Caster: Long, ROF 1, Area (Small), d10, Brace, Recharge [1]


Yautja Honour Code

The Yautja Honour Code is a strict honour code followed by the Yautja in day-to-day life and while on Hunts in particular.

As a result, incapacitated Targets may only be targeted with Close Combat weapons.  In game-terms, "Incapacitated" refers to any enemy unit who is Reeling or Cowering and "Targets" only refer to Units, not Vehicles.

Turn Around (Unit Trait)

The unit is a close combat specialist, able attack many opponents simultaneously, laying waste to all in a flurry of hammering blows, sweeping blades and blood.

Using a single Close Combat weapon, the unit can target any and all opponents in Close Combat range during a single Impulse.

Zombie (Unit)

Zombies was are shambling, brain-craving carnivores with an insatiable appetite and no regard whatsoever for personal hygiene.

A typical human Zombie has the following stats:

Skill d6 Armour 3+ Resolution d8,
Weapons: Fists (d4 CC)

A Zombie Resistance Soldier might also be armed with a ranged and close combat weapon or two...

Zombie Traits: Mindless, Braaiinns!, Slow, Zombie Crawler,  Arrgghhh! and Infect.

Infect: a Zombie who kills a living Unit in close combat turns the Unit into a Zombie. The new Zombie may be activated in the Turn following infection.

Design Note: virtually any Unit could be 'zombiefied': apply the above Traits and consider whether they new life (death?) has increased their (attack) Skill and toughness/resolution and whether or not they can use their existing weapons.

Note: I trialled the following Zombie Reaction Table from Apocalypse Earth Dispatches from the Front Line Vol 1 - adds some nice variations to the the Zombie theme and allows for armed Zombies... and incidentally makes for some solo gaming opportunities as well.

2D6 Dice Roll Zombie Reaction
2-3 Stunned - the Zombies do nothing
4-5 Move then fire towards the nearest enemy unit
6-7 Fire then move towards the nearest enemy unit
8-9 Move towards the nearest cover and
fire at the nearest enemy unit
10-11 Fire at the nearest enemy unit and then
move towards the nearest cover
12 Charge the nearest enemy unit

Other zombie rules:
  • Zombies always lose the Tactical Advantage.  Arrgghhh!...
  • Zombies do not need to see their enemy to detect which is nearest.  Zombie smell brains...
  • Zombies will fire at their enemy even when there's no chance of hitting them.  Zombie kill...
  • If a Zombie is in cover and is required to move towards cover, it will move towards whatever cover is in the direction of the nearest enemy.  Zombie want brains...
  • If a Zombie can engage in close combat, it will.  Zombie eat brains...
  • If a Zombie has to fire through another Zombie to target an enemy, each shot that misses the enemy has a 50% chance of hitting the Zombie in the line of fire.  Zombie not use brain...

Zombie Crawler (Unit)

Zombies might not be tough, but they are certainly persistent - hell, once you've already been killed and reanimated, the last thing that's going to hold you back is the loss of your legs!
Please Sir, I want some more Braiiinnsss!
  1. Just like the 'I'll Be Back' rule (pg 69), a Zombie destroyed (except by a 'Hasta la Vista, Baby!' attack or by a Retreat result on a Resolution test), roll a d6.  If the result is a 5 or a 6, the model is not actually destroyed, but turns into a Zombie Crawler instead.
  2. Upon turning into a Zombie Crawler, the model must also take a Resolution test as normal for surviving a hit.
  3. Zombie Crawlers are subject to the same rules as a Machine Crawlers (pg 69) in addition to being deemed Extra Slow.
  4. Beyond being particularly disgusting, Zombie Crawler's Skill, Armour and Resolution are the same as a normal/standard Zombie.
  5. Zombie Crawlers 'Specials' are Braaiinns!, Arrgghhhh! and Very Slow i.e. they are no longer subject to Mindless.

Very Slow (Unit Trait)

Units designated as Very Slow can only employ the Crawl template for normal moves and is typically unable  to make double moves.

Arrgghhhh! (Unit Trait)

Zombies being the mindless automatons (apparently the future's full of them!) never win the Tactical Edge.

A Force comprised of 50% or more Units with this Trait never wins the Tactical Edge.

Braaiinns! (Unit Trait)

Whilst normally slow, Zombies occasionally display sudden bursts of speed which can have devastating results for living.

Should a Player roll a Fate, then any single Unit with this Trait can be Activated and move at twice their normal walking speed (not running speed) for that Impulse.

Entangle (Weapon Trait)

This weapon is primarily used to inhibit and hinder an enemy's ability to move in the battlefield.  Entanglement can take a number of forms e.g, netting, glues, gravitational manipulation and nervous system jamming.
  • Determine hits and damage as per usual.  
  • A damage result by this weapon (i.e. penetrating armour) (1) reduces the target's Movement to Slow and (2) degrades their Skill by one step for all subsequent Impulses until the target has untangled i.e. entangled units can still move (Slow) and Attack (with skill degraded by one step).
  • To successfully untangle, the unit must make a skill roll as a substitution to an Attack during the unit's Activation impluse i.e. to untangle, the target need forfeit an Attack AND make a skill roll of 4+; however may move (as Slow) prior to doing so.
  • Entangle does not trigger a requirement for a typical hit-related Resolution roll and Entangled Units are not otherwise considered Reeling.



The weapon's design means it is unable to be continually used - after attacking with the weapon it requires one or more Turns before it becomes once again operational.
Subsequent to using the weapon to perform an attack, it is rendered inoperable for the number of full Turns as indicated by the number in brackets e.g., Recharge [1] indicates a weapon than can be used only every 2nd Turn.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Zombie Attack (Scenario)

We played this Scenario twice today - it was a lot of fun!  I'm pretty sure I've got at least one war gamer in the making - hooray!

The first Game ended with a sole Resistance solider being herded into a map corner only then overwhelmed by 4 Zombies all one Turn 6 (so close!).  The Black Hawk crew surveyed the mess below them and turned that baby around pronto.

The second Game saw two Resistance soldiers being airlifted to safety at the end of Turn 6. The Zombies Braaiinns! ability caused havoc with a single Zombie breaking the Resistance line and taking out two Soldiers in Turns 2 and 3!  The Resistance had to disperse and fight on multiple fronts and but for some lucky rolls, the whole game could have easily gone to the Zombies.  One Resistance gamble did pay off: during Turn 3, rather than attacking, one Resistance solider made for second story of a building.  The resulting clear line of sight meant the Solider was able to apply some much appreciated covering fire in the following Turns and was irritating enough that the Zombie player split his forces in response... a very memorable game.

The combination of the Braaiinns! Fate-linked Zombie ability and the random deployment really added to the tension of the game - I even found myself muttering ''Commmeeeooonnn"Leighton Hewitt-style when rolling for my shots.  I don't know if you'd want to play with the Aimed Shots, Suppression Fire and Ambush - if you were to do so, you might like to consider upping the Zombie reserves roll from a d4 to d6?  Anyway, with the exception of Braking Up a Move, we played it straight and loved it.


Frustrated by the lack of progress, Skynet is trialling biological warfare in the form of a highly aggressive zombifying virus!

In less than 24 hours 95% of Firebase Zulu's population (all avid gym buffs) were infected.   The remaining Resistance Soldiers banded together, requested an extraction by helicopter and evacuated the Base.

Now it is a case of survival.  Can the Resistance Soldiers hold out long enough to be airlifted to safety or will they be overrun by the relentless zombie horde?

Assemble Forces


  1. You have 4 Resistance Soldiers and one Resistance NCO, all of whom are armed with combat knives and plasma rifles.  
  2. No TDD is available to the Resistance. 


  1. The size of your horde is variable - see Deployment below for further details.
  2. No TDD is available to the Zombies.
Each Zombie's attributes are as follows:

Skill d6 Armour 3+ Resolution d8 
Special: Mindless, Braaiinns!, Slow, Zombie Crawler and Arrgghhh!
Weapons: Fists (d4 CC)


  1. Using the standard wasteland mat, divide it into 4 quarters.
  2. Each player is allocated four terrain features: two Size 1 Barricades and two Size 2, difficult/dense ruined buildings.
  3. The players then take alternate turns applying a terrain feature to the map, commencing with the Resistance player.
  4. Each quarter can only accommodate two terrain features and no feature may be placed within Point Blank of the map's edge.



The Resistance player's objective is survive long enough to be airlifted to safety and escape the Zombie horde.


The Zombie player's objective is destroy all Resistance units and commence feasting on their brains before they are airlifted away to safety.


The Resistance player deploys first, placing all his models within one Craw template radius from the middle/centre of the playing area.

The Zombie player's units are deployed in the following manner:
  1. At the commencement of each Turn the Zombie player rolls a d4, which determines the number of Zombie reserves activated for the Turn; then
  2. Each Zombie reserve is then deployed at a location determined using the Fog of War Chart (pg 55).
It is therefore possible as many as 4 additional Zombie reserves could enter the wasteland at the commencement of each and every Turn and potentially they could all enter from the same location!

Tactical Edge

The Resistance player is always awarded the turn's Tactical Edge.  This is due to the Zombies' working as a slow, shambling body working on instinct rather than any foresight, planning or coordinated tactics - see Special Rules: Arrgghhhh!

Game End

The game continues until the Resistance force has either been killed/routed or airlifted - see below.


"Dave, mate.
Are you sure you've landed us in Melbourne Airport?"
  1. At the end of the fifth Turn of the game, the Resistance player rolls a d4.  If the result is a 4, the Resistance have been evacuated by airlift and the game ends.
  2. If the game continues, at the end of the sixth turn, the Resistance player rolls a d6; if the result is 4 or more, the game ends.
  3. If the game continues, at the end of the seventh and following turns, the Resistance player rolls a d20.  If the result is 20 or more, the game ends.


If one or more Resistance fighters manage to get airlifted to safety, then the Resistance player is declared the winner; otherwise the Zombie player is declared the winner.

Special Rules